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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Google is going Going GONE!! Heads Up!

Hi all,
I do have some things in the works that will be of liking to all of you, but first, as usual, there are flies in the ointment, (or wrenches in the works, which ever you relate to) this time coming from places like Google. It just seems like the start of last year, things just really started changing and not so much for the better.

Without even trying to remember who what and when, (my brain is already too full of these frustrations lol) at least 4, but I am sure there were more, sites I used and relied on frequently, either jacked up thier prices outrageously, and in some cases laughably considering what they were offering for what was once free or practical in cost, some changed polocies in such a way, they were no longer feasible to use for the "common" internet user, and some just literally went away, gone bye bye!!!

Anyway, I am sure most of you already know, that pretty much everything we artists rely on from Google to run sufficient blogs and push our content is already gone. If you look at your blogs today, you will notice, (or not notice in this case) that G+ button is gone, your Google+ Followers box is gone (sadly I had about 200 followers on mine, and only about 12 on Bloggers app, because no one was really using blogger follow as much as google) and so are a few other things that were Google+ connected.

SO... I am asking really nicely, and hoping all that see this, will follow me on this here blog, and I will also be (hopefully) pushing this thru Google+ one last time , if they let me, and I guess that will be that as they say.

So I hope to see many if not all of you begin showing up on my Blogger follow. The Blog I am writing from now, is the one that sends out posts about freebies, mostly, as well as updates, and I am seriously thinking of merging this one with the DSC blog, but am a little afraid it will screw up a lot of content, and create even more work for me to clean up ouch!

If you would also like to follow the DSC blog for sales etc... you can do that here http://digiscrapcafe.blogspot.com

and this blogs address is, http://scrapartcafe.blogspot.com and is also the one connected to Twitter.

Both blogs are connected to one of my mailing lists also, so if you are on that list, you are getting notices when this or the other blog post.

I will be cleaning up both the aformentioned blogs, so much outdated stuff all over the internet... In the meantime, hope to see new faces at the blog! And Happy Valentines Month, you will be alerted to something special, (a gift) very soon, as time permits UGH!!

One last thing, I have an awesome piece of software to turn you on to. It is entirely free, and my friend Andie has made it and is giving it away free. I am already using it and it works great, very small and unintrusive (5 mg).
Hope on over to this page on my software shop, and grab the link to download it. No signup, just go to the link on that page, and hit the download button, works for OS 7 thru 10..

You can either go to my software blog and read the entire description first so you understand better how this can benefit you and your business, and your art. I give you ideas even Andie has not thought of yet lol.

or go directly to Andies download page for the link.

Either way, it is free, and once you get the idea of what you can do with this little cutie software, You WILL tahnk me (wink wink)
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