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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Open a Store @ DigiScrapCafe

Like many of you, I REALLY need to generate extra income, so, I decided to build my own store, to play by my own rules, and to make my own kits, and sell my own digital products. The main store is "up front"!

I invite others to open a store and sell here with me.

I also think this will be a great opportunity for others like me, who

1: don't have a lot of experience yet with selling scrap kits yet.

2: are not experienced or credited enough to be allowed selling space in the 'big guys' spaces.

3: Simply don't have the financial resources or knowledge to go about it on their own.

The member shops will be up front too, but secondary. All shopping areas are visible and accessible to the public, the members only forums are not.

Each shop member will have their own section, and will use it however they want, including using their own payment gateways, etc.

Go there please, to get a brief idea of how it will work. http://digiscrapcafe.com

I also of course would like any input, suggestions etc.... but this is not meant to be a taggers forum, but something much more simple really!

I plan to use my SEO and marketing skills to promote, link to, and feed the public info coming from the site on auto, and everyone will have the ability to use the platform to further promote their kits and crafts from the site and the toolbar I added........

PLEASE NOTE: These shops are for DIGITAL DOWNLOADS Only. Tangible goods are NOT to be sold here, with the EXCEPTION of ZAZZLE PRODUCTS. If you do not have a Zazzle account, visit our new Zazzle Shop and get one free! http://www.zazzle.com/scrapart. Primary for selling art, other products ok to sell are ebooks, software, themes, anything digital that can be downloaded after purchase.

Anyway.... Allons-y please!

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