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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Subscribe and Post to get Featured! Easy Peasy!

I have decided to begin featuring members and other bloggers on my two main art blogs.

This part is where you guys and other artists and friends I know will come in. I would like to take some of the art, or kits, or other items from some of you guys that I see around, and feature it on the Scrap Art Blog at least, and maybe also the Digi Scrap Blog too, depending on what it is ( art, or a product etc.)

I will do this as I find the space in time to do this. Altho I may feature stuff from other blogs and forums I am a part of, I would love to feature more members from my website

So if you are a member of the Cafe, please do post your freebies, or kits for sale, etc. there, and I will of course start choosing my featuring from there, and if you are not, please do join.

For those of you who might have a problem with me doing this with any of your work, you can please let me know, otherwise, I will use what I find everyday that strikes my fancy.

One other option, if you would like me to feature you on the blogs, and you do not want to join the member site, please go to the 2 blogs, and subscribe to them, by way of Google preferably, but any service you use will do, and I will subscribe back to there blogs.

Also, leave a comment on the blog comments, or better yet, use the Discus comment box to make this viral.

Anyway, here are the blogs.....

Digi Scrap Cafe Blog

Scrap Art Cafe Blog

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Check out the DIGI SCRAP CAFE website for everything about our services and products.