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Monday, July 27, 2015

New Resale Store Now Open!

Hi folks,

I have recently opened a new resale store on weebly where I will be selling limited resale packages, as well as CU, PU, and more, including some ebooks for crafts etc.

Please note, that because Weebly only supports downloads with their 300 dollar upgrade, I have purchased the starter upgrade, and added my own cart powered by Payloadz and Paypal, all completely safe. Each product has a text link that reads ADD TO CART, and asks you not to use the Buy Now buttons, unless you do not mind waiting for your product to clear and be emailed, but I prefer you please use the ADD TO CART links. The only times you should use the Stripe Buy Now buttons, is for Pre Paid art in the work in progress stage, or if you are buying the Lifetime License. All other purchases should use the TEXT CART which you will find a link to View Cart in the menu bar.

The first few resale packs are there, including a fabulous ebook you can resell yourself with Master Resale Rights.
You will receive a psd with my resale license in it to make your own, with any package that is marked Limited Resale, such as the Lion King Package, or you can purchase my Unlimited Lifetime License to use for any commercial use including CU4CU....

Here is an example of one limited resale Pack, which there are about 18 left out of 30

Here is a kit preview,

and here is a tag made by Bev from Horseplay's Pasture, who is also writing tuts for some of my kits.

Here is a link to that section..

If anyone has any question, do not hesitate to ask me, either here, there, or you know where lol!


Check out the DIGI SCRAP CAFE website for everything about our services and products.

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Check out the DIGI SCRAP CAFE website for everything about our services and products.